Always Dream Big
Irene Richardson Shuck
9 March 2009

Ever since I was a little kid, I was guilty of being a dreamer. I would always try and look into the future to see where I would be. I remember sitting in High School and thinking to myself back in 1982 what I would be doing in the year 2000. I saw myself married with three children, but I didn’t see myself working. Well in the year 2000 I was married and I did have three children and yes… At that point in time I was not working. I was busy being a wife and mother.

I remember thinking about everything I wanted to be when I grew up. A Vet, a Stewardess, an Artist and a Medium. As luck would have it. I couldn’t afford to go to college. I chose to join the United States Army. What did I do there? I was a Generator Mechanic. Even though I had this incredibly creative artistic side to me. I was also able to figure out how things work and how to fix things. It’s amazing the path life has led me. I have loved every single minute of it so far. Even in the Army I was a dreamer. Through every single speed bump of life that was thrown at me; being a dreamer helped me through all of it.

Twenty years later I find myself fulfilling almost everything I wanted to be when I was younger. Am I a vet? No. I started a pet sitting and dog walking service. I still get to work with animals, just in a different manner. My business will be 6 years old this month. I love my job. I love the animals I care for. I love the peace that comes with working with animals. Am I an Artist? Yes, even though I am not a well known artist. I still express myself through the medium of painting. I have been known to sell a few of my pieces on Ebay. I continue to paint and love the exploration of watercolors. I am in the process of creating two different ideas through my art and cannot wait to see where it takes me. Am I a Stewardess? No. I am glad I didn’t fulfill that dream. I could not see myself leaving my family all of the time. I have an appreciation for the work the men and women of the U.S. Airlines do for every one of us. Am I a Medium? Yes. That is a goal that I achieved that I am very proud of. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be guided by a higher power in helping others through their struggles. It’s very humbling to be in the presence of pure trust and vulnerability with the people that come to me for help.

You see, my entire life I’ve always known I could be anything I wanted to be. Despite what my family told me growing up. I’ve come to the understanding that it’s not about how you get there. It’s not about when you get there. It’s all about the journey. The journey your soul agrees to take you on while you are here. How you choose to be guided is up to you. How you choose to react to life’s lessons is up to you. How you choose to trust that this life, the life you are currently living is your opportunity for greatness. It’s your opportunity to create you.   My Wish For You… Always Dream Big!

Irene R. Shuck is the creator of Wallet Wishes, they are positive affirmation gift cards that you can carry with you every where you go. Wallet Wishes made their Hollywood debut last month at the 81st Oscars Celebrity Gift Room.
Irene is also a gifted medium and psychic and has been doing this work for over twenty five years. You can visit: