WalletWishes.com  Introduces New Positive Affirmation Cards and Keepsake Coin to Hollywood’s Best. http://www.WalletWishes.com, an online retailer of positive affirmation cards and coins, has introduced a new line of positive affirmation gift cards to Hollywood’s Finest.

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) – February 22, 2009 – Wallet Wishes is proud to introduce a new product line of Positive Affirmation Cards and Coins which are available for purchase at http://www.walletwishes.com.

Wallet Wishes were at the 81st Annual Connected Celebrity Gift Room Suite in Hollywood. Wallet Wishes Creator Irene R. Shuck had the privilege of rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s Finest on February 20 and 21st, 2009. Wallet Wishes are one of the latest trends for sending well wishes to your Family, Friends and Loved Ones.

Every celebrity autographed a Wallet Wish for charity. The charity Irene R. Shuck chose to donate the proceeds too is the Award Winning Governor Thomas Johnson High School Patriot Marching band located in Frederick, Maryland. They are in need of new marching uniforms. The cards will be listed on EBay for everyone in the country to bid on. Each card will be accompanied by the now famous Wallet Wish coin and a photo of the celebrity holding the card they signed.

There were two cards that the celebrities were drawn to sign. “The Always Dream Big.” Wallet Wish and the “Just be yourself, you were born for a reason; the time will come to discover your path to greatness.” Wallet Wish. Oscar Winner – Dustin Lance Black, the writer of the movie “Milk”, signed the “Just be Yourself.” Wallet Wish.

Wallet Wishes are the size of a business card. This allows the recipient to always carry their gift with them everywhere they go. Wallet Wishes can fit in their purse, wallet or pants pocket. The collectible coin is removable and can be carried in a change purse or pants pocket. Anytime the recipient is feeling low or just feels the need to make a wish. They can take the Wallet Wishes coin out and contemplate what they want to manifest in their life. Wallet Wishes makes both the giver and receiver feel good all over.

As a perfect compliment to the Wallet Wishes card line, Wallet Wishes also offers a beautiful shiny brass collectible coin that will accompany every Wallet Wishes card. The front of the coin has a shooting star coming towards you and represents the idea of making a wish. The words above the shooting star, “My wish for you.” A sentiment of love and positivity. The back of the coin has a Shamrock and Horseshoe. More sentiments of positivity, success and a belief that anything and everything is possible in everything that we do. You can't help but feel happy when you hold this coin. We wanted our customers to feel like they can make a wish in the palm of their hand. We want everyone that gets to own the coin to feel how special they are in that very moment. “said, Wallet Wishes owner Irene Shuck.”

The Wallet Wishes cards are top quality and affordable at $4.95 each. At these low, unbeatable prices, you can’t afford to miss out on these spectacular accessories for your Wedding, Birthday or New Born Baby.

Wallet Wishes.com strives to offer their customers the latest sentiments of Love and Guidance for all occasions at the lowest prices. We are currently in the process of offering posters of our Wallet Wishes and are also considering personalizing Wallet Wishes for Special Occasions and creating fundraising opportunities for High School Programs. If you feel that you would like to consider this please contact us. Wholesale inquiries are welcome.

About Wallet Wishes - Wallet Wishes is a project that has been on Irene Shuck’s heart for over a year. Her inspiration for the cards came from doing Macro Photography of flowers while walking her dogs. Once she would get home and upload the photos, verses would come to her for each photo. She received such a huge response from the photos; she created a website for themhttp://www.walletwishes.com which are now known as Wallet Wishes. Irene R. Shuck is located in Frederick, Maryland.

 If you wish to learn more about Irene and her Wallet Wishes, please visit her website at http://www.walletwishes.com or call 301-695-0247 and leave a message for her answering service or you can email her at Irene@walletwishes.com . She would love to hear about any and all responses to her cards and coins. ### .