The Life You Love.

Irene Richardson Shuck


Many of us go through life not knowing who we are or what we want to be.  When I meet someone who still doesn’t know who they are;  what they want or who they wanted to be when the grow up it simply breaks my heart.  Recently I have met quite a few women who fit this scenario.

I immediately ask them; “What did you want to be when you were little?”   Many times they just stand there trying to think and some how cannot get back to that little girl so long ago.  If they are unable to come up with anything; I then say to them – tell me something that you do in your life right now that brings you joy.  Now this is the scary part… 75% of the women I have spoken to can not answer that question either. 

Today we are living in a world where most of us are on automatic pilot.  We ended up on paths and jobs that we didn’t necessarily dream for ourselves when we were little.  Due to circumstances sometimes out of our control – we are living day by day doing what we have to do to survive.  Whether that’s being a stay at home mom who is running all day long serving and providing for a family  or a woman who has children and is also working outside of the home.  Perhaps you are a woman who is a single mom doing it all alone.  There are many paths that have taken each of us to where we are.  No two paths are the same; no two paths are right or wrong.  We are just there. 

So now that you are there.  My question to you is – Are you happy doing what you love right now?   Are you in love with the life you are living and can not wait to wake up the next morning to do it again?  If you can honestly answer yes to this question then congratulations!  You are doing what you love right now. 

For those of you who had to think about it or said no; my question to you is – What is it you would rather do?  What steps are you taking right now to create that happiness that only you can give yourself?  Happiness is an emotion that has to come from within you.  Many people think happiness is an emotion that comes from outside of ourselves.  Surprise!  You are in charge of whether you choose to be happy today or not. 

If you are like 75% of the women who can not answer this question.  I would suggest to you to take a walk down memory lane.  Think about the life you dreamt about when you were little.  Think about the things you loved to do when you were little.  The choices are endless.  Maybe what you love to do doesn’t exist yet?  Create something new! Create that scenario of dreaming who you want to be when you grow up.  Take the time to observe everything around you.  Find out what inspires you.  Think about people that inspire you.  Perhaps it’s music or art that inspires you or just nature. 

At the end of every day write your thoughts down in a journal or carry a digital recorder with you.  Sometimes we are given glimpses of brilliance and if we forget to write them down; we could end up seeing our ideas somewhere else six months from now.

By choosing to be happy now; you create a natural flow of positive energy to come your way.  This allows the flow of creativity, positivity and love to flow through you to help  you create The Life you Love.  

Irene is the creator and owner of Wallet Wishes tm –  They are positive affirmation gift cards that friends and family can carry with them everywhere.

Irene also owns and runs Crystal Forests and has been giving insight and advice to people for over Twenty Five years.