Irene Richardson Shuck

Wallet Wishes was born out of my love of Macro Photography with flowers.  Once I would get home, I noticed that I felt compelled to write verses for each of the flower photos that I took.  It couldn’t be just any flower photo. It had to be a photo that drew my attention and moved me Spiritually. I was being divinely inspired! The verses would come when I would study the photograph.

Since then I had received very positive comments on my photography and verses and created a website just for those photos.  

Then I started thinking to myself…  Why not create another site that incorporates inspirational photography, illustrations or Art work and incorporate my own words to the pictures.

What if people felt so inspired that they wanted to give them to their friends and family? What if they were given something that gave them a sense of peace and a closeness to the person that gave them this wonderful gesture of Love? Something to treasure, look at, ponder and perhaps manifest their own wishes in their life? Something small, something that would fit in a purse, pants pocket or wallet?  It was then that Wallet Wishes was born! 

About the Design of the Wallet Wishes Coin.

I wanted the front of the coin to represent the idea of making a wish.  I love shooting stars and wanted the star to come towards you instead of going away from you.  There are 18 stars on the coin.  In Numerology that comes to a 9 and 9 represents completion.  I wanted the ability for my customers to make a wish in the palm of your hand.   I want everyone that gets to own the coin to feel how special they are in that very moment.

The words "My wish for you..." a sentiment of positivity and love.   A sincere gesture from the person giving the coin to a friend, family member or loved one.

The back of the coin - I always believe in having as much good luck with me as possible.  The  shamrock and horseshoe are sentiments of positivity, success and a belief that anything and everything is possible in everything that we do.  You can't help but feel happy when you hold this coin. 

You become happy, inspired and you start to resonate an energy that brings you to a better place in your life.  You begin to want to be better, you want to do better and you want everyone else to feel like you.  

When I create the cards for Wallet Wishes an incredible energy of Love and Happiness overcomes me.  That is when I know the verse that I am writing is meant to be on the card.  I know that others will feel the same way.

I hope you enjoy my cards and coins.    Thank you for taking the time to read about us.